Invest Directly In Our Students
Every full-time Pace undergraduate student is eligible to participate in Undergraduate Research Programs to engage in faculty-mentored research and creative inquiry. Research opportunities are available in all our colleges and schools and across academic fields and majors.
Ensure All Qualified Students Can Be Grant Recipients
As opportunities to conduct research increase and student interest steadily grows, we are seriously challenged to fund all qualified applicants. The need is great! Your gift can make a significant difference in a student’s intellectual or artistic journey.
Results Are Tangible
Students who participate in undergraduate research acquire in-depth knowledge in their fields under the guidance of their faculty mentors. This inquiry-based, experiential “learning by doing” transforms lives! Students develop intellectual and creative abilities, deepen knowledge and problem-solving capacities, and clarify career paths. Students who engage in undergraduate research are better prepared and positioned for graduate school and the twenty-first century workforce.

Contributions directly support student research

Your tax-deductible gift directly will support undergraduate research stipends and project costs.

$500 will support a semester’s project expenses.

$1,500 will support a student research stipend.

Please contact Dr. Maria Iacullo-Bird at with questions or special donor interests such as named awards and new initiatives.